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Oversees the daily operations of a single primary care site focusing on physician and staff relationships, customer service, and financial management. xc2xa0Effectively coordinates the clinic operations by coordinating administrative policies, physician preferences, and patient needs. xc2xa0(Designed for OLOL Physician Group Model of Physician Practices with 5 or more providers or any specialty practice.)xc2xa0 Supervises all front and back office staff. Conducts staff meetings on a weekly basis. Acts as a liaison between support staff and physicians. Conducts all aspects of practice staff employment, i.e., interviewing, performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, etc. Maintains time cards and reports total hours worked to payroll. Maintains accurate employee files. Defines and assists with continuing education for all staff. Monitors physician contracts for compliance. Demonstrates a positive customer service attitude/behavior. Reacts in a timely manner to resolve patient complaints and/or employee conflict, promoting customer service. Maintains open communication with hospital departments, referring physicians, and staff physicians. Participates in and fosters an approach to continuously improving quality that includes both intradepartmental and interdepartmental activities. Program Managment and Daily Operations Maintains the authority to purchase daily operational supplies. Maintains inventory control of all general office and medical supplies. Orders and maintains adequate inventory levels. Practices effective cost containment. Prepares all operational, manpower and capital budgets. Prepares and submits various operational and financial reports as requested. Adheres to financial and operational budget. Maintains thorough working knowledge of CPT-4 and ICD-9 coding to legally maximize reimbursement. Oversees billing and collection function and ensures adherence to provider contracts and collection policies and procedures. Prepares and institutes policies and procedures, especially those associated with scheduling, billing and collections. Maintains a collection ratio of 95% of “collectible monies.” Places uncollectible accounts with collection agency via Central Billing and monitors bad debt recovery. Maintains acceptable accounts receivable aging (patient due balances), especially 90 and 120 days. Maintains days in accounts receivable at 55. Maintains a 20% point of service collection ratio. Maintains a new patient ratio at 10% or greater. Maintains industry standards in physician compensation and benefits, staff compensation and benefits, clinical supplies and building occupancy. Performance Improvement and Quality Ensures compliance with insurance policies and procedures. Ensures OSHA, CLIA and COLA standards as well as any other local, state and federal mandates. Maintains and updates OSHA, CLIA and COLA to ensure compliance. Administers and tracks the physician employment benefits, such as Allowed Time Off (ATO), professional development, etc. Takes universal precautions when tasks being performed present the possibility of exposure to blood and body fluids; this includes using the appropriate personal protective equipment and work practices. Participates in and coordinates with organizational process to collect and ensure information about hazards and safety practices that are used to identify management issues. Adheres to established policies and procedures, which may include the wearing of personal protective equipment. Other Duties As Assigned Performs other duties as assigned or requested.

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