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Provide evaluation and treatment services to the patients of the Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. and its affiliates per the terms of the employment contract. Responsibilities xe2x80xa2 Physician will provide care to CAMC patients in the field of Cardiology in compliance with the highest standards of medical art and science. Such care will be delivered in the appropriate setting and coordinated with the staff present at each site. The physician will take the lead in all patient care issues and will be ultimately responsible for the outcome of the encounter. xe2x80xa2 Physician must demonstrate current technical, medical and service competency through initial orientation and provisional reviews, and ongoing professional practice evaluation to demonstrate continuing ability to exercise full scope of privileges in cardiology. xe2x80xa2 Must demonstrate competency in other duties and professional obligations as specified in the position description and in corporate policies, procedures and by-laws. xe2x80xa2 Demonstrate willingness to review practice related data from the National Cardiac Data Registry (NCDR)and other clinical quality and Value Based Purchasing initiatives to improve processes and outcomes for continuous learning and advancement of care and services. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Patient Group Knowledge (Only applies to positions with direct patient contact) The employee must possess/obtain (by the end of the orientation period) and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide developmentally appropriate assessment, treatment or care as defined by the departmentxe2x80x99s identified patient ages. Specifically the employee must be able to demonstrate competency in: 1) ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of patient needs; 2) knowledge of growth and development; and 3) understanding of the range of treatment needed by the patients. Competency Statement Must demonstrate competency through an initial orientation and ongoing competency validation to independently perform tasks and additional duties as specified in the job description and the unit/department specific competency checklist. Common Duties and Responsibilities (Essential duties common to all positions) 1. Maintain and document all applicable required education. 2. Demonstrate positive customer service and co-worker relations. 3. Comply with the company’s attendance policy. 4. Participate in the continuous, quality improvement activities of the department and institution. 5. Perform work in a cost effective manner. 6. Perform work in accordance with all departmental pay practices and scheduling policies, including but not limited to, overtime, various shift work, and on-call situations. 7. Perform work in alignment with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization. 8. Follow organizational and departmental policies and procedures, as applicable. 9. Perform related duties as assigned. Education xe2x80xa2 Medical Degree (Required) Education: Doctorate Degree – Medicine, Other Degree- Board Certified in related field Experience: Select experience as required to meet eligibility and quality criteria to obtain and maintain scope of privileges to fulfill contracted cardiology services Comments: Employee will maintain active status (category I) with regards to clinical privileges at CAMC. Credentials Work Schedule: Varies Status: Full Time Regular 1.0 Location: Beckley-275 Dry Hill Road Location of Job: US:WV:Beckley Talent Acquisition Specialist: Carol S. Wamsley

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